Our Vision & Values

USH is the place where all are challenged to achieve; where we are distinguished as leaders of learning and the passion of our people transforms futures.

Our Values underpin our school motto of Learning without Limits and help explain how things work here.
Our values are:

As a member of the USH community, we know that everything starts with self-belief and a positive mind-set. We ask that everyone involved in our school accepts our values, our ethos and our expectations. Our school exists to raise achievement and give young people the best chance of living a happy and fulfilling life. We know from past experience that those who believe in the benefit of learning, believe in contributing to school and believe in potential, will always thrive here. Building trust underpins our work at USH and this means we can rely on each other and show integrity (what we do, matches what we say). We show strength and a confident belief in our own and others’ ability and this builds community. Crucially, if things go wrong, we seek opportunities to build back trust and draw closer as a result of the experience and we take ownership of our part in changing things for the better. Much about USH is traditional, but much is also progressive and contemporary, not least our diverse and inclusive ethos (with 44 languages spoken)- we welcome people from all walks of life.
Having due regard for ourselves and for others is very important to USH. Between tolerance and acceptance comes respect and this is essential to our inclusive and diverse school family. Treating people well, with good manners, politeness and kindness, is an essential part of life here. Our restorative approaches to conduct build excellent relationships between students and staff, but are underpinned by one firm rule: follow the rules. Personal connections lie at the heart of our school and we celebrate individuality so everyone feels they can belong. To achieve this, we ask for openness and honesty in all stakeholders. Students have our unconditional respect and we will support them through the challenges in each of their five years. We therefore anticipate their respect in return. I protect the rights of students and staff to bring their ‘best self’ every day and to be ‘known’ for who they really are, and who they want to become. Safe together in an environment of healthy growth.
We are here to achieve and we know that success comes in many forms. Here, we commit to doing our best and we work with purpose and positivity. The buzz that people feel at USH comes from a commitment to team work and the great feeling which comes when we reach our goals together. We take our work very seriously and are committed to being the best school in the region. Wanting the best for ourselves means making a habit of talking about goals and progress; this begins for our students in Autumn term 1 when we set in motion a momentum to achieve. We show passion every day through our commitment to improving children’s life-chances, and I feel very fortunate to be the head of an authentic school with such a strong standing in its community.