Free School Meals

Applying for Free School Meals – (Eligibility Checking)

You can now apply online for free school meals for your child, this is the web address for the application:

Apply online for free school meals

However, if you prefer, you can still complete a paper application and hand it into the school. We can then apply via the website on your behalf and inform you of the result.

Applying for free school meals not only gives your child the opportunity to have a meal, but the Government also gives the school additional money to help with your child’s education.  

We would like to remind parents that:

- registering is confidential

- taking up the meal is recommended but it not compulsory

- cashless catering means that students eligible for free school meals can not be identified by peers

- a student eligible for free school meals will be eligible for other sources of financial support (see below)

- registering a child for free school meals will bring additional funds into the school (see information under Pupil Premium Grant)


Additional Finance Support

Support is offered to students on an individual basis but may include the following:

- help with the purchase of key uniform items

- financial help with trips

- supply of equipment for learning

- revision materials

- subsidised music lessons


If you have a query about your child's eligibility for free school meals please contact the school finance office: