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“Pupils are welcoming and friendly and many are proud of their academy. ” Ofsted 2016


We feel that uniform is important to help the students establish themselves as part of the school community. Whilst the uniform should be smart and help give the young students pride in themselves it should also be comfortable, easy to wear and not a source of confrontation between staff and students.

We therefore ask that parents help to support us in this. Our basic new uniform consists of:


  • School blazer
  • White long or short sleeved shirt
  • School tie
  • Black skirt no shorter than knee length
  • Black tailored trousers (not narrow legged)
  • Black or white ankle socks
  • Plain black opaque or flesh coloured tights
  • Black shoes (no trainers).


  • School blazer
  • White long or short sleeve shirt
  • School tie
  • Black trousers
  • Black shoes (no trainers).

All Students:

  • PE kit consists of the following: reversible blue and cream rugby jersey, plain white T-shirt for athletics and gymnastics, black shorts, black socks, white socks, football boots, training shoes and towel. The t-shirt and rugby shirt are also available through the school.
  • Equipment - students will also be expected to have a school bag (those with 2 shoulder straps are advised), a pencil case with pens and pencils, a calculator and small pocket dictionary.

School uniform is available from Skoolkit at Unit 1 Totton Shopping Centre, 1 Commercial Road, Totton, SO40 3BX, telephone 023 8066 7600.

Visit Skoolkit Website


Extreme hairstyles, including tram lines or unnatural colours, are not permitted. Hair length should be a minimum grade 2 in length. Fashion hair accessories such as bows are not permitted.


Makeup is not permitted in key stage 3. It may be worn by key stage 4 students but should be natural looking. Nail varnish is not permitted to be worn by any students.


One piercing is allowed in each ear. Students are also not permitted to wear necklaces, bracelets or rings. They may wear a watch.

Hoodies and hats

Students are not permitted to wear hoodies, or hats inside the school building.

Trainers are not permitted except for PE.

Boys are allowed to grow beards but these should be kept clean and tidy.

Extreme styles or fashion statements that the school deems to be unreasonable, along with any hair adornments are not permitted.

Any enquiries about uniform should be addressed to Mr Payne in the Finance Office.

Contact Mrs Hartley

“I would just like to say what a pleasure it was visiting your school and meeting the pupils, who without exception came across as polite and confident young people.” Interview candidate