Internet Payments


An Internet Payments system is operated at USH. This will allow you to make online payments to the school to 'top up' student catering accounts, to pay for school trips and to purchase equipment and revision materials.


Whilst we will continue to collect money in school, we see this as an opportunity to give parents more flexibility and choice in the payments they make to us.


How to get started

Before you can start to make payments online you need to create an online payment account. To do this you need to use a Pupil Link Code, which is available from the Finance Office. This unique code is issued to each parent and will ensure that you only see your own child’s information online.

Once you have your code please follow the steps below to create your Online Payment Account:

  1. Follow the link to
  2. Click on Create New Account.
  3. Enter your Email address and a Password.
  4. Confirm the Password.
  5. Enter the Pupil Link Code provided above.
  6. Enter the rest of the billing details to match your credit, or debit card and click on Confirm.
  7. Log on to your email account and click on the link to activate the account. (If the email doesn’t appear in your inbox, please check your junk folder).

User Guide

Please click on this link to access a parent user manual for the system.

For more information please contact the school's Finance Office.