Policies & Compliance

Please click on a policy to download a pdf factsheet. If you need a hard copy of any of our policies or any information on our website, please contact the school, we provide this free of charge.

Acceptable Use of IT - Students

Accessibility Plan 2023-26

Admissions Policy 2023 - 2024

Attendance Policy 23-24

Behaviour and Relationship Policy September 2023

Careers Education and guidance Policy2022-2023

Careers Policy

Careers Policy Appendix 2 - Work Experience

Careers Policy Map

CCTV Policy 2023-2024

Charging and Remissions Policy

Children with medical conditions who cannot attend school policy 23-24

Communication, Compliance and Complaint Flowchart

Complaints Policy

It is recognised that things can go wrong, but the school is committed to resolving concerns as quickly and effectively as possible.

Data Protection Policy

Equalities Policy

Esafety Policy

Exams Policy 2023-24

Exclusion Policy 23-24

First Aid and Medical Conditions Policy 22-24

The Hamwic Education Trust policy can be found at https://www.hamwic.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/Children-with-Medical-Conditions-who-Cannot-Attend-School-Sept-23-24.pdf

Freedom of Information Policy

HET Health and Safety Policy

Home School Agreement

Homework Policy

Lettings Policy

Privacy Policy Directors/Governor and Volunteers

Recruitment and Selection Policy

Relationship and Sex Education Policy 2023

Retention Schedule

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 23-24

Secondary Admissions Policy 2023

Special Educational Needs Policy 2023/24

Staff Privacy Notice

Student Privacy Notice

Substance Use and Misuse Policy

Supporting Children at School with Health Needs Policy

Technical Education and Apprenticeship Provider Access Policy

Travel Plan November

Uniform Policy 2023-26

Uniform Policy 2023-26

USH Health and Safety Policy

USH School Closure Protocol

Visitor Code of Conduct policy

Whistleblowing Policy