Upper Shirley High

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“I would like to thank you for being such an inspiration to both my sons.” Year 10 and 9 parent


This academic year students from all years will be taking part in either internal or external examinations.

Year 11 Mock Exams - November 2017 - Please see Time Table PDF attachment 

Year 11 - Period 6 - Please see the attached Time Table

Year 11 Key Events 2017 - 2018 - please see attachment

The Period 6 timetable is in operation from 26th September and students will be invited to attend their session until 4pm.

Each period is specifically designed to address knowledge gaps for small intervention groups, and students will be informed by letter which subject areas and skills sessions they are expected to attend.

To identify which options subjects are in which section (W,X,Y,Z), the class code on students timetable matches each options block, E.G: 11x Art.

Exam Boards used for each subject - Years 9, 10, 11 - Please download PDF file attached


The following equipment should be brought to every exam:

  • At least 2 black pens
  • 2 HB pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Ruler

For some exams you will also need the following:

  • Coloured pencils
  • Compasses
  • Protractor
  • Calculator

Please remember

All items of equipment, pens, pencils, mathematical instruments, etc should be visible to the invigilators at all times.  You must either use a transparent pencil case or a clear plastic bag.

Pens should be either black ink or ballpoint.  No correction pens are allowed

For Mathematics and Science exams, students should make sure their calculators conform to the examination regulations.  If in doubt, check with your teacher.  Remove any covers or instructions and make sure batteries are new.

All items of exam stationary are available from the school finance office.

Please contact Lisa Howell - Exams Officer


“Our review of your school was a good day all round - stretching and developing all our skills and knowledge at all levels; exactly what we want and need to do. Well done to all teams concerned: the heads, the USH leaders and staff. There should be a great opportunity for secondary teachers to visit primary and primary to visit secondary in the near future.” Director of Standards, Jefferys Education Trust