USH Newsletter

23rd January 2020

  • Headteacher's Message To Parents And Carers About Our Behaviour Routines.

    USH is committed to continuous improvement and we want every child to make the best possible progress at school.

    We introduced a trial of The Peaks strategy in September and this aims to ensure all students behave and achieve well. We are rewarding and recognising more often and more widely for positive conduct and learning. We are currently reviewing the impact of the strategy and will make improvements after half term.

    In our drive to further improve, we are also tightening-up on students disrupt the learning of others.  Whilst in the minority, we do not think it is fair when students disrupt others and we are taking a harder line on this from now on.

    These measures are designed to raise standards and eradicate the distraction to learning.

    Strong communication between home and school is important to us so thank you for working with us should my staff need to speak to you and issue a consequence.

    Thank you for your on-going support of what we are doing here at USH.


  • The Peaks

    As you will be aware this Academic year we launched our trial of a new whole-school rewards and recognition strategy, ‘The USH Peaks’.  This aims to be more consistent and fairer approach to recognition of the best behaviours for learning. It is designed to take the guess work out of what it takes to succeed and it ensures students and parents receive timely and meaningful feedback on successes at school.

    The Peaks has been co-designed with staff and the Student Leadership team. With good engagement in this strategy, we aim to ensure students will leave us fulfilled, independent, fluent and creative learners.

  • Lesson Awards

    Our Lesson Awards have ensured more rewards, more frequently and for greater numbers of students. You may have received alerts congratulating your child on their success.

    Last term we issued 59 Bronze Awards, the most popular being a free cookie, 57 Silver Awards, more than half being the Luxury Hot Chocolate and 75 Gold Awards, mainly of the Cinema Voucher. (This has been replaced with a Love to Shop Voucher for this Spring Term).

    Our Gold Award of a VIP Christmas Table was very well received and this week we are hosting the first of our VIP Birthday Tables and  holding our first Masterclass.  Both of these will be featured in main newsletter on 31st January.

  • Rules On Disruption To Learning

    Year Leader Detention will run each night as a consequence for repeated issues throughout the school day when students fail to meet reasonable expectations. Year Leader Detentions will be given for patterns in lateness to lesson, poor break-time behaviour, lesson avoidance or refusal to follow basic instructions.  

    Senior Leadership Detention will now happen on Friday after school and will be set for students whose behaviour is not improving fast enough.

    Persistent refusal/disruption will lead to more serious consequences set by my senior team.

    These changes will be in place from Monday 27th January. 

    There are no changes to teacher or subject leader catch-ups but rather we are adding these additional consequences  to further strengthen the impact of our systems.