USH Newsletter

12th May 2017

  • Introduction from Mr Woods

    Congratulations to all our Year 10 students, those who have already secured prefect roles and those who have made it through to the group presentation stage for our Senior Team. 

    The last round will include students electing their favourite poem and reflecting on what it shows about them as leaders.

    I would like to share, in honour of our Year 11s who are starting their GCSEs next week, a few words of encouragement taken from one of my favourite poems, Invictus, by William Ernest Henley.  This sums up what I would like you to remember as you embark on these exams:

    "I am the master of my fate:

    I am the captain of my soul"

    Mr Woods 

  • New York Trip 2017

    At the beginning of the Easter Holidays, a group from USH travelled to New York for a Film Studies Trip.  Here are some of their thoughts on their experiences in the Big Apple:

    "It was a really good opportunity and amazing experience.  We got to go to some of the most famous attractions such as the Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty and the Hard Rock Café.  My favourite part of the trip was walking through the streets of New York and mingling with some of the people because I got an insight into what America and its people are really like.  Hard Rock Café was exceptional and gave an amazing vibe to the whole experience.  I would definitely go again!"

    "It was a life changing opportunity that gave me a brilliant experience and the chance to travel with friends.  The Empire State Building was incredible.  It was a good way to bond with other pupils and if you are considering going, just go for it!"

    "It was an amazing experience with lots of opportunities for shopping and sight-seeing.  It was a good way to travel with friends and to have a once in a lifetime experience.  There were lots of photo opportunities."

    "I really enjoyed all of the trips we did.  The food was really good and New York is a lot better in real life!"

    "The trip was a great way of getting to explore new cultures within America and we got to see so many amazing landmarks and places.  Altogether the trip was outstanding.  I want to do it all over again."

    "Even if you have been before it gave you a whole new experience of New York.  It was a chance to build new relationships and strengthen old ones."

    "I really enjoyed this trip!  The days were packed with sightseeing, walking and catching the subway."

    "There was lots of cool stuff that you could only by in America.  It was really cool when we got to the Empire State Building."

    "New York is a great place where everyone is friendly.  Times Square is much better in person, well, the whole city is!"

    "The food is SO good!  New York is so much better than London.  Starbucks is EVERYWHERE!"

    "It was an amazing experience filled with crazy adventures, going up and down New York City which is breathtaking.  It is a very inspirational trip and if you have the opportunity to go, I would definitely take it."  

    "New York is really cool to walk through, the scenery is great."  

    "Everything was so good.  My favourite part was the cruise to the Statue of Liberty because everyone came together.  The food was really nice and I really enjoyed the subway.  I am so happy I went."

    "My favourite parts were the boat trip as well as just walking around New York and the subway trips.  I also really enjoyed the meals out, especially the Hard Rock Café!  It was so amazing to be able to travel with friends at such a young age.  I would do anything to do the trip again!"

    A film of the trip can be found by following this link:

  • Southampton City Schools Annual Swimming Gala

    On Wednesday 10th May, the ‘USH Swim Team’ competed at the Southampton School Annual Swim Gala hosted by The Quays Swimming and Diving Complex in Southampton. Eight Southampton Schools were present at the event and USH were able to fill every position in all 50 events. 37 swimmers from year 7-10 took part. It was a great afternoon and we had some great wins, with the following students achieving GOLD in their individual event:

    Dominik K – 50m Breaststroke
    Oliver C – 25m Butterfly
    Isabella FC – 50m Freestyle and 4x25m individual medley

    We also had some other real successes:


    Vincent W – 4x 25m Individual Medley
    Joshua A, Rowan G, Dominik K and Martin P – 4x25m Freestyle Relay and 4x25m Medley Relay
    Leila C – 50m Breaststroke
    Daniel M – 50m Freestyle


    Jessie F – 50m Backstroke
    Naomi D, Isabella FC, Naomi G and Rebecca C – 4x25m Freestyle Relay
    Jessie F, Evie F, Jess M and Leila C – 4x25m Medley Relay
    Joe S, Eric W, Oliver C and Firas B – 4x25m Medley Relay
    Eve C, Bella H, Mabel GG and Abigail W – 4x25m Medley Relay
    Joshua A – 50m Backstroke
    Joe BB – 50m Backstroke
    Eve C – 50m Breaststroke
    Naomi D – 25m Butterfly
    Martin P – 50m Freestyle

    A massive thank you to all the swimmers that took part, you were a credit to the school. I am pleased to inform you that the ‘USH Swim Team’ will continue to run next year. More details to follow!

    Miss Dunne

  • USH TV at Wordsworth Primary School

    This year, students in Year 8 have had the opportunity to learn how to create their own TV programmes through the USH TV Academy. Each week, small groups of students have been learning how to set up the camera, shoot, write scripts and carry out interviews and now they are putting these skills into practice. 

    For the last two weeks, students have visited Wordsworth Primary School to shoot a documentary about the school’s outdoor learning area. Last week, they filmed a group of Year R pupils doing some pond dipping and interviewed them about what they had caught. The pond is rich in wildlife and the USH students were able to get some great footage of newts and other pond life. 

    This week, the USH students filmed a group of Year 3 pupils doing some den building in the wood. The pupils had to collaborate and work as a team to assemble a shelter that would keep them dry in a rainstorm and the dens were tested when a bucket of water was flung over them as they cowered in the shelter! Once again, the USH TV crew were able to get some great footage of the activity and shot some excellent interviews with the highly enthusiastic Wordsworth pupils.

    USH TV will return to Wordsworth for several more shoots in the coming weeks and the students will soon begin work editing the footage into a documentary to show off the fantastic outdoor learning activities that go on at Wordsworth and show how these activities are benefiting the pupils right across the curriculum. 

    The students have really enjoyed their experience "At Wordsworth School, we went to record and interviewed the Year R students who were pond dipping. We asked questions such as; what have they been doing today? What have you enjoyed most about pond dipping? And what they had found whilst doing the activity. We got video close ups of the kids finding different insects such as Newts, blood worms and water beetles." 

    USH Teacher Rob Hind said, “This project has been a fantastic chance for the USH TV students to learn skills by carrying out a real world project. Often it’s difficult to teach filming skills in school as you need an event to provide a subject. By working with Wordsworth, the USH students have the chance to cover real stories. Wordsworth are also getting a lot out of the project as they will eventually receive a short film that will showcase the great work they are doing in the outdoor learning area.“

    As the project progresses, it is hoped that some of the Year 6 pupils from Wordsworth will be able to come to USH to help edit the film. The visit will also provide an opportunity for them to get a feel for the school in advance of their transition to USH in September. The finished film from this exciting collaborative project should be available for viewing by the end of the summer term. 

  • Photography Trip to City College

    On the 11th May 11 photography students went to City College to use the professional equipment and to experience the photography courses on offer. The lighting studio was very popular and students were able to create different moods from dark and mysterious to happy and lively. The results were very impressive. The session in a darkroom, to make photograms, was a brand new experience for all of the students who found the process exciting.

    Matthew Hedges said, “I really enjoyed the darkroom, at first it seemed like magic when the photo appeared on the paper using the chemicals”.

    “It was a really fun experience and I learnt a lot. My favourite part was the low key lighting” Faisal Aldhehayan.

  • Prefects for next year announced & senior team shortlisted!

    A huge well done to those pupils who have been awarded the title of prefect for next year. Pupils who applied have been working hard on their application forms, obtaining references from staff members and practising their interview technique! Their hard work has paid off and we are delighted to announce our Prefect List for next year.  Congratulations to:

    Mollie-Mae Brewer
    Ella Simmonds
    Kieron Allen
    Harrison Pitts
    Chloe Parkinson
    Ben Townsend
    Noah Bates
    Ellie Chant
    Ella Dodd
    Jonathan Barber
    Sophie Stables
    Tom Brokenshire
    Dan May
    Millie Palmer
    Morgan Davies
    Maisie Bolton
    Lily Lavin
    Tom Barbour
    Phoebe Hatton

    We have also shortlisted candidates for our senior prefect positions. Those pupils will now have to create and present a group presentation, to an audience of judges. From this we will be able to determine who will be our Senior Prefects, House Captains and who will run for Head Boy and Head Girl!

    These pupils include:

    Adrianne Broadgate
    Mary-Ellen Hudson
    Ellie Keenan
    Luke Halford
    Callum Watson
    Allan Pope
    Jude Carroll
    Ami Nicholls
    Saffron Sandhu
    Shannon Hodgson
    Isobel Singh
    Lucy Harman
    Oliver Young
    Jacob Marsh
    Henry Rowden
    Leigh Collins
    Abby Jackopson
    Ben Naylor
    Lydia Nutting
    Sam Mackenzie
    Abigail Goldstraw

    Well done again, and good luck for those who are through to the next round!

  • University of Southampton Maths Challenge

    Before Easter break some of our students participated in the University of Southampton Maths Challenge aimed at students from Year 8 or below. The competitions consisted of interesting and challenging mathematical questions which the students attempted in their own time. There were around 800 entries from different schools and I am pleased to announce that two of our students, Jacob Mittoo and Zachary Bolton, will be awarded Certificate of Merit during prize giving ceremony at the University of Southampton next month. I would like to thank to all of our students who took part in this challenge and I would like to encourage more students to make an effort next year.

    Miss Adamou

  • Letters from the Library…

    The CILIP Carnegie Medal and the USH Carnegie Shadowing Groups

    For the past eighty years, the Carnegie Medal has been awarded annually by children’s librarians for an outstanding book written in English for children and young people. The Carnegie Medal is the UK’s longest-running children’s book award, and is widely regarded as the most prestigious.  Each year, the shortlist is revealed in March, and the winner is announced in June.  Previous winners have included some of the best-known authors of children’s literature:  C.S. Lewis, Arthur Ransome, Terry Pratchett, Philip Pullman, and Noel Streatfeild.  Previous winners have not shied away from difficult or challenging subjects, and some have been controversial, but all of the books are worth reading.

    This year, eighteen Year 9 students are participating in the Carnegie shadowing scheme.  The scheme enables young people to “shadow” the judging process by reading, discussing and reviewing the shortlisted titles, and choosing the one that they believe should win.  The USH Librarians are running two shadowing groups, and the students are now busy working their way through the eight shortlisted titles.  In June, each group will vote for their favourite book.  Will the real judges choose the same as our student judges?

  • Trips Update

    Following the Paris Information Evening this week, please ensure we have all passport, medical and dietary information.  A reminder that the final balance of £105 is due by the 9th June.  If you weren’t able to attend the meeting, information will be available in the coming days.

    The final balance of £20 for the Camping Trip is also due by the 19th May.  Students will need a sleeping bag and a roll mat for the trip.

    If you have any issues regarding payment for either trip, please get in touch as soon as possible.

    Mr Perry

  • Good Luck, Year 11

    We have reached that time of year again where our Year 11s are starting their GCSEs.  The exams start on Monday 15th May and the teachers have put together a few Good Luck messages for you...

    Nothing in life is easy; the bigger the challenge, the greater the reward!
    Mr Staples

    I have been teaching for 15 years and you guys, by far, have been the best Year 11 I have ever worked with. You are funny and clever – always trying to find out who you are and what you believe through some really challenging GCSE courses. September 2017 will be very odd without you. I know, with the right final push with revision, that you will be hugely successful and so ready for the next part of your journey.
    Mrs Floyd

    To 11G and 11C

    I know how hard you’ve worked this year, and how difficult you’ve found getting your heads around the new GCSE, but we’re nearly there! Just remember that you now know EVERYTHING that you need to pass, and you just need to show how intelligent you are when the final dates arrive.

    I have been so proud of how much you’ve all grown this year, and how the majority of you have realised how important this year has been.

    I wish you all the luck in the world.
    Mrs Hayward

    This is your time to SHINE! I am proud of what each of you have achieved over the past five years, and wish you the very best of luck with ALL of your upcoming exams. Remember- We are all in this together!
    Miss Dunne

    To all Year 11s, especially 11M1, Good luck with your exams. Remember: read the question 3 times, use your highlighters, check your answers and most importantly if you do your best you will make me proud.
    Mrs Cadle

    To all of Year 11, good luck with the upcoming GCSE exams. Stay focused, prepare well and the exams will look after themselves. One last push then you have an amazing long summer to look forward to!
    Mr Hall

    I wish you all the luck over the coming weeks and just remember “your only limit is you”, do your best that is always enough.
    Mrs Barnett Stote

    I want to say a huge congratulations to the Year 11 GCSE Drama class that completed their final exam on Wednesday 10th May. Their performances were all fantastic and I am incredibly proud of what they achieved. The students have worked hard planning, rehearsing after school, writing monologues and blocking scenes for the past couple of weeks and the process has not been an easy ride. Their hard work paid off and I believe their final exam performances were all at a high standard. Thank you so much for being a fabulous class to work with and good luck with all of your future exams.
    Miss Kirk

    Believe you can and you’re halfway there! Wishing you all the best of luck in your exams!
    Mrs Hyslop

    Year 11: I have many happy memories of you both as pupils and tutees - past and present.

    Wishing you every success in your exams and many good times in the years to come,
    Mrs Connolly

    Good luck Year 11… You are a fantastic year group and I am sure you will get fantastic results… #Bhardwajbelieves
    Mr Bhardwaj

    You often get people quoting Yoda at these times. ‘Do or do not, there is no try’ he said, and that’s a great quote for a yearbook. However, with these exams it’s more a case of ‘do as much structured preparation as you can then try your best, don’t leave any questions blank’. It’s all about the try! 

    That’s not very Yoda but it’s still Jedi advice.  Here’s some more: believe in yourselves, like we believe in you.
    Mr Harvey

    Good luck Year 11, all your hard work will pay off and you will be amazing.  
    Miss De Ruiter 

    Just keep running!
    Mrs Fortune

    Best of luck on Monday for the French GCSE papers – can’t quite believe it’s come round so quick!  I’m so proud of you all…  
    Mr Perry

    ‘Animus est ad astra’
    Mr Wallace

    Wishing all of year 11 the very best in the future. I hope you all fall in love with food and cooking and that it brings you both health and happiness.
    Mr Davies

    Good luck with all your exams Year 11! You have been a brilliant year group and I am looking forward to seeing how well you are all going to do. I will really miss teaching my 11X and 11W History classes; you have all made this two year journey to the exams very enjoyable and I now just want you to remember that you have prepared for this moment, have worked so hard and couldn’t be more ready. Each time you enter an exam, take a deep breath and go for it – I look forward to seeing you all celebrating at your prom.
    Mr Farley