USH Newsletter

20th January 2017

  • GCSE Citizenship Exhibition

    Upper Shirley High Invites you to:

    GCSE Citizenship Exhibition
    Can we make the world a better place?
    Wednesday, January 25
    2pm – 3pm

    The students have been taking action to promote community cohesion, promote equal opportunity and discourage discrimination in the school or local community.

    They have investigated and built resources to try and stop discrimination around race, disability, gender and age.

    Come, see the results, share the experiences the students have had and celebrate the hard work the students have completed to make the world around them a better place.

  • Citizenship Feature: A guide for any Upcoming year 7s

    Secondary school is a big change from junior school; there are a lot more boundaries, but even more freedom. To be able to have the best possible time there, you will have to know your limits, but more importantly you will have to know how to make the most out of your secondary school life.


    • Uniform: At secondary school, the teachers are much stricter on what you can and can’t wear.
    • Teachers:  Year 7’s are treated much more maturely in secondary school, therefore teachers will not settle for misbehaviour and there will be consequences if you aren’t following the rules.
    • Homework: This is taken seriously; homework is an important tool that benefits your independent study skills and if you don’t complete it on time there will be consequences.
    • Punishments: You may be wondering what the “consequences” are. For anything minor (lateness to a lesson, not doing enough work etc.), you might get a short catch-up time, however things like consistent lateness or completely refusing to follow rules could give you a longer catch-up.

    Perks and new experiences

    • School trips: Year 7’s, throughout secondary school life, will be able to go on many school trips. These might be some of the highlights of your time there, especially the international trips such as New York and Spain etc.
    • Clubs: There is a huge range of clubs to attend at secondary school, obviously sports, but even card/video games and many more! The best thing is that, if you are interested in an activity which hasn’t yet been made a club, just ask a teacher and usually something will able to be arranged as an extra-curricular activity.
    • Food: At break and lunchtime you will be able to pick and choose whatever food you like!
      Subjects: At primary school, it may be quite boring repeating the same lessons every day. This will change at secondary school as you are introduced to new subjects which you may love.
      Staying after school: This might not sound like a perk, but it is one of the most helpful things about secondary school. If you are behind with work, revising for an exam, or just in need of a bit of help from a teacher they will be more than happy to give you help or let you  get on with anything on your own.

    The amount of boundaries or restrictions at secondary school are nothing compared to the great time you could have. Hopefully this guide will give you a little bit of advice into steering out of trouble, but most of all show you just some of the perks that come with the next stage in your school life.

    Harry Bowman, Hamish Hannah and Brandon Wragg

  • USH Achieves Silver School Games Award

    The school has just achieved the ‘Silver School Games Award’ which is given to schools in the area that meet a wide range of criteria in sport. We have been recognised for being an inclusive school by providing sport for all. This has been achieved by a dedicated PE team that take our students out to fixtures on a weekly basis all around the Hampshire area in sports this year such as Netball, Football, Rowing, Athletics, Basketball and Rounder’s. This is a huge success for USH as we have improved from our Bronze last year giving our students the best opportunities in sport. We will continue to strive in sport and continue  meeting these high standards.

    Hannah Wright-Davies
    Head of Physical Education

  • Countdown to World Book Day

    We are already looking forward to a range of events that will be happening at USH to celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March. Students in Years 7-9 will be given free £1 Book Tokens which they will be able to spend at our special Book Stall in the Library. We will be running various competitions for students, with prizes, including ‘Guess Who’s Reading’ quiz and ‘Design a Book Cover’. We will also be producing a spectacular Book Tree: students and staff will be asked to name their favourite book and add a leaf to the tree. Once finished, the Book Tree will be on display near the school entrance - a visual celebration of our whole-school reading culture.

  • Forthcoming Year 7 Visits

    Information will be coming out in the next week about a proposed camp in July for Year 7 and the Paris trip in October this year.  Letters will be distributed in tutor time next week.

    The camping trip will be a two day, one night stay in the New Forest with a range of adventurous activities set up for the students, set to run in the final week of the summer term.

    Paris will run in the middle of October, prior to half term at the start of Year 8.  It will be four days, three nights taking in a tour of the city and a day in Disney.

    If you have any questions, please get in touch,

    Mr Perry

  • Save the Date: 31st March 2017

    USH Fashion Show

    Friday 31st March 2017

    More details in the New Year...

  • Naomi House Children’s Hospice

    A number of staff donated £5 to Naomi House instead of sending Christmas cards to each other. We were very pleased to send a cheque for £140 to the charity.

    Thanks to the generosity of staff, we have raised more than £3,500 over the years for this worthwhile organisation.