Energy of the mind

26 February 2016

It’s been a humbling month for Upper Shirley High. When Ofsted gave us our feedback following the recent inspection, they said: 

 “You are very ambitious for the success of pupils and staff here and you drive improvement strongly and securely. Learning without Limits’  is the clear message, and the expectation of all.”

Our school further proved this statement to be true on the first day back after half term. On Monday 22nd February we were collectively gearing up to compete in the city’s Rock Challenge and due to the scale of this year’s entry it was a whole school endeavour; with students back at base sending their peers into battle with positive messages.

The feeling in the Guildhall on the evening when the awards were announced was sensational; I think my ears are still ringing. Upper Shirley High’s entry was created with our modest facilities using ‘people power’; and we are honoured to have won as a result of team effort and positive mind-set. Something which aside from the result I feel is a great lesson for our children.

Aristotle said “The energy of the mind is the essence of life.”

Having worked on it since September, those students who went the distance and stuck at it are rightly feeling joyous and with renewed self-confidence. The Be Your Best Foundation does such valuable work for children across the world and we are delighted to be going to the final; this will be a talking point for months to come. Well done everyone involved.