Yr 7 Catch-up

Year 7 Catch-Up Premium


How did you spend your Year 7 catch-up premium last year?

Last year our Year 7 catch-up programme ran since October half term. 19 students did not achieve a SAT’s pass mark of 100 in Maths and 15 students in English. For the students who required additional Maths, they completed a Numeracy programme entitled ‘Sumdog’, twice weekly during tutor time with a further 30 minutes home learning each week. A similar programme in Literacy, more specifically a reading intervention entitled ‘Lexia,’ ran in the same format for the students who required additional English.

How did it make a difference to the attainment of the pupils who attract the funding?

The data on these two groups reveals that of the 15 Year 7 students who were eligible for catch-up funding in English, 11 have finished the year on ‘fast track’, meaning they are making more than expected progress and therefore closing the gap. The remaining 4 students are ‘on track’.

In terms of Maths 11 of the 19 students have finished the year on ‘fast track’ and are making more than expected progress. A further 7 students are ‘on track’ with two of these students requiring additional support next year.

How much Year 7 catch-up premium did Upper Shirley High receive for 2019-20?

For the academic year 2019-20, USH received £17,322 to support students who did not make the Age Related Expectations in English and Maths by the end of Key Stage 2.

How we intend to spend the funding?

There are a few changes to the Year 7 catch-up programme for 2019/2020 which we believe will greatly benefit those students who require additional support in English and Maths.

This money will be used to fund staff time and resources for appropriate intervention to diminish the gap in literacy and numeracy skills. Students at USH have different waves of intervention both in tutor time, in English and Maths lessons and where required, removal from other subject lessons to receive intensive support.

  • Wave 1: 1:1 Support for specific needs such as handwriting and spelling interventions
  • Wave 2: Small group bi-weekly sessions during tutor time following a specific Numeracy and Literacy catch-up programme. 
  • Wave 3: Close monitoring by English and Maths teachers, with progress reported on in Line Management sessions


A breakdown of the way in which the money will be spent is outlined below:

  • Staffing for the 1:1 Numeracy Programme and 1:1 Literacy Programme as well as licenses bought for Teaching Assistants to teach the programme
  • 3 day training course on the implementation of the 1:1 Numeracy Programme
  • We are trailing a new project entitled ‘Maths whizz’ from September 2019. This programme is far more personalised then ‘Sumdog’ as it will produce an individualized pathway for each students, teaching them the concepts when they are required and measuring their progression by means of a Numeracy age that can be tracked
  • Sumdog online licences bought for the 26 students in the Numeracy Catch-up
  • Lexia Reading licences bought for the 40 students as part of the Literacy catch-up programme.  We are upgrading the Lexia reading programme to ‘Lexia Power up’. Although the programme covers the same three key areas of word study, grammar and comprehension, students are now placed at the correct level for each strand, following their initial assessment. The new programme also provides interactive videos to consolidate students learning
  • Prize fund for the catch-up programme for students who focus and achieve targets
  • Stationary and resources provided so that all students on the catch-up programme are equipped for learning
  • Prize fund for Literacy and Numeracy catch-up programmes
  • Funding for Homework Club, with Teaching Assistant support