25 May 2021

As Year 11 complete their final assessments and ready themselves for the college transition programme, I want to mark our community’s collective support of them. What a year it’s been for all students but imagine finishing your school years in the post-fug of a global pandemic. The USH community have again risen to the challenge and helped students focus on completing their courses in the best way possible. When Year 11 joined USH, we made an educational promise to them and I hope (all things considered) they feel we have honoured that. As Head of Centre, I’ll be signing-off all assessment evidence in the coming weeks. I know staff have done a diligent and professional job and I wish all students all the best for their final submissions this week. 

I said in a letter to Year 11 parents and carers this week; you are a rock. And I almost added a small rock emoji at the end to lighten the mood, until Miss Williams remarked that it didn’t look like a rock. Embarrassment averted. 

Finally, I’ve just watched the training video from our Head Girl and Boy Abbie and Sam. It’s designed to show our soon-to-apply Year 10 students how to engage in the leadership recruitment process. It’s been a tough year for Year 11 but humour, resilience and intelligence are still very much on-show.

To Sam, Abbie and the whole of my student leadership team; thank you for stepping up to be leaders this year and representing your peer group and your school. I always say that leadership is both a doing and being word. And if leadership starts with believing in yourself, then you are well and truly on your way.