Virtual Open Morning 2020: Behind the scenes

25 September 2020

Given the rules about mass gatherings, it quickly became clear we couldn’t hold our usual Saturday Open Morning, which for many years, is a highlight of our school calendar. Opening our doors for prospective students and parents is a real treat and one which strengthens the bonds of our community. Seeing USH in the daylight with time to look around, chat together and ask questions is a luxury we miss greatly this year. We are as disappointed as families that the process of choosing a school for 2021 will need to adapt to the current circumstances. So we are deploying technology and social media to fill the gap in physical and emotional space.

The range of information we have released is, we hope, as close to the visitor experience as we can get and it is all designed with families in mind. My address is pre-recorded and benefits from being streamed directly into homes. This way, families can watch it (and re-watch if you wish) at your own pace. You can also pause me and the slides, something you’d never be able to do if I was live!

We’ve taken time to create various formats of information for families- all available via Facebook and our website. You’ll be pleased to know, I have avoided TikTok!

The main film which replaces my speech includes all the major aspects of our school but is not an exhaustive list. There’s so much to tell about USH and I couldn’t possible cram it all in to one film. In fact, even a trilogy might not be enough to describe the depth and breadth of what’s on offer here. So if parents have questions they cannot answer via the various releases, you can contact the school reception and pose it to us.

Whilst no match for a live event, I enjoyed making the film and hope my sense of pride and passion about USH comes across. I’m fanatical about this school and could go on for hours about what our children achieve. So what you will see in the film is me on my best-restrained-behaviour. At one point during filming, I was reminded that I’m not Christopher Nolan and this isn’t Inception. Point taken.

Filming the subject Video Postcards (again not every subject but a selection) and calling them ‘Wish you were here’ is a gesture of warmth, my nostalgic tendency and a reminder of days of travel gone by. I hope you enjoy hearing staff and students talk specifically about teaching and learning at USH with easily-match fanaticism.

My concluding thought on this year’s Not-Open/Open-Morning is…if USH goes to this much effort when we haven’t even met you, imagine what we’ll do when we do.

‘Wish you were here’
I’m fanatical about this school and could go on for hours about what our children achieve.