Digging deep

1 June 2020

Every two weeks, we internally publish a Wellness Bulletin at USH. To encourage staff to share their stories of resilience and wellbeing, my senior and team and I shared our own.

Every leader has their unique personal management strategies and in the spirit of sharing 'the man within the leader', here's some things that have helped keep me focussed throughout the last 11 most-unusual weeks:

1. My Top Team: who daily demonstrate their unstinting commitment to our school.
2. Brisk evening walks through Victoria Country Park when the light on certain days reminds me of Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grand Jatte by George Seurat. Ironically, a painting so packed-full of people that they would surely incur fines for breaking social-distancing.
3. Breakfasts supplied by my last surviving chicken, who began to lay eggs again after 3 years on an empty nest, the day after Lockdown started.

4. Grayson Perry's Art Club. Food for the soul.

As headteacher, I am aware that given the length of time lockdown is lasting, everyone has to establish new levels of patience and compromise but I have a strong feeling that as we 'dig-deeper' together, we will come out of this stronger and more clear as a community. Keeping ourselves well is therefore an absolute imperative. Children rely on the adults, so when we feel strong, so do they.

Best wishes

Mr Woods

Keeping ourselves well is an absolute imperative. Our children rely on it.