A poem by Head Girl: Ruby. The Year 11 Butterflies

27 March 2020

The Year 11 butterflies

A cocoon,

Enveloped and sheltered, wrapping us in warmth and safety,

A place to call home, a place to rest and a place to grow.

Our cocoon was threatened by an outside force,

An invisible force, which cracked it open too soon,

With us feeling vulnerable to the elements outside.

We weren’t ready for this, 

Unprepared for life out of our cocoon,

Rushed, confused, saddened, frightened,

Feeling tiny in a strange new world,

How will we succeed?

We stop now and notice our reflection,

We have grown, in size and character,

We are stronger, in mind and body,

We are wiser, we are braver.

We have developed wings,

And each lesson learned has added to their beauty,

Unique patterns and colours developed over time,

And as we stretch out those wings for the very first time,

We realise we were ready to fly.