Summer Music Festival

25 June 2018

The Jeffery's Education Partnership (JEP) have had a great year with many projects progressing fruitfully over the past three terms. A highlight of our collective calendar was the Summer Festival at Central Hall last week. It was a terrific event with students from all our partner schools singing and playing music together. The evening is a worthy symbol of commitment to the Shirley community and our values of celebrating children's achievement together.

This year we added a poetry competition (themed 'Be the Change') and I was moved by the winners' words which eloquently expressed their hopes and fears about change and how it affects our lives. Congratulations to Ruby in Year 9 who won for the USH entry. Ruby read her poem with a profound feeling of grace and poise. Deeply affecting.

Seasons of Life

Here I sit, in the womb of spring.
A new blossoming beginning.
A time of innocence and blissful oblivion.
The bud of a rose, likened to the pink flush of a baby’s cheek.
The sapling embedding its roots in the comforting soil.

Like a dandelion being blown in the breeze, time carries us to the summer of our life.
We flee our nests, spread our wings and embrace increasing risk.
The tree of summer is taller, stronger and its branches full of beauty and courage.

Our autumn seems slower paced, and a quietness envelops life:
Majestic, but still, the crimson leaves fall like tears to the earth below.
Harsh winds and fierce rain batter our fragile branches.

Winter hair begins to whiten, ashen like the newly falling snow.
The creases of life imprinted on all those birthed by nature, gradually deepen.
The inescapable sorrow of decay.
We lay beneath the soil, whilst above, rose buds begin to blossom once more.

Photo by Phoebe in Year 11.