11 November 2017

This year we welcomed 115 grandparents to USH for our Remembrance Service. Our biggest turnout since we began this special event. A number of grandparents made a journey further than most. This year from as far away as Bristol and The Isle of Man.

Guests gathered with staff, students and cadets to mark our observance, showing collective respect for those who fought and those who fight for our country. One guest said to me 'Did you notice the birds fell silent as we did?' 'Yes' I said 'They always do'.

We followed our service with refreshments and good conversation, sharing memories, some in pictures but most held only in mind.

Grandparents are the perfect counterpoint to the increasing demands and pressure on young people. Insulation and tradition in fast-paced lifestyles.

Thank you to everyone who was able to come and to our absent friends; your grandchildren are a credit to you.