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USH Newsletter 2nd October 2018

Open Morning

Saturday 29th September saw our annual open morning for Year 5 and 6 children and parents to come into school and see what we do here at USH.

The morning was a huge success and our best one yet, over 500 children and adults from the local community were in attendance and our students put on a real show for them.  A huge thank you to all of our students (and there were almost 200 of you) who gave up their Saturday morning to help make the event such a success.   All students who helped on the day will be rewarded with plenty of achievement points which will go towards end of term prizes.

Maths Challenge 1

The Mathematics Department invite your family to take the challenge and solve their puzzle! 

We will set a challenge in every newsletter.

E-mail your solution to Mr Wallace at robin.wallace@ushschool.org.

We will publish the answer to the puzzle in the next newsletter and will congratulate those of you who have successfully solved it.   

European Day of Languages


On Wednesday, 26th September, USH celebrated European Day of Languages with a variety of activities. The whole-school quiz in particular had the students searching high and low for twenty members of staff who were wearing a sticker with a flag from a different country. Students were required to find the members of staff, identify the country and make a note of both, before handing in the completed form.

This year, we had a record number of winners! Well done to the following students;
Maria K 7V2
Natalia S 7E2
Benjamin DP 7A1
Corie W 7A1
Bart W 7A1
Abigail B 7M2
Bethany M 7M2
Duaa A 8E1
Mali B 9A1
Crystal P 9V1
Ananya N 9M1
Ela S 9V1

Can you guess the twenty countries from their flag?

Send your guesses into Mr Bhardwaj at gopaal.bhardwaj@ushschool.org

Free books for all Year 7 students!

Over the past month, as part of their Library lessons, all Year 7 students have been given the opportunity to choose a book of their own to keep from the BookBuzz scheme. BookBuzz is supported by the BookTrust and is partly funded by children’s publishers and partly by the school. We at USH are committed to encouraging reading for pleasure and therefore want to give all our new students a chance to choose a book of their own. The BookBuzz selection of books have been chosen by a panel of experts to be suitable for 11-12 year olds and reflect a variety of genres, styles and reading levels. There is already considerable excitement among students about the books, which we expect to arrive at the school after Half Term.

Students from 7I were asked what they thought of BookBuzz. Hayden said he thinks BookBuzz is a good idea as it encourages people to read. He chose The Guggenheim Mystery by Robin Stevens. Daisy chose Dead Scared by Chris Jobling, and said that she likes the idea of having a book to keep and wants to be able to read it first and recommend it to her friends. Nyla said that it was difficult to choose a book as there were lots that she liked the sound of. She decided on Shadowsmith by Ross MacKenzie.

Guitar Club has arrived!

Do you want to learn to play the AXE or just come for a bit of a jam along?

If you do join Mr Muller on Tuesday and/or Wednesday from 3pm until 4pm in the music suite.

Girls Football

This is the first year USH have entered a girls football team into the league due to high demand!! They have started the season off with a very convincing win against Hamble 8 - 0.  Well done girls!

All sporting event scores are recorded on the Sports Desk section of the website.

Paris 2018

We leave in less than a week!  Please drop your children off at 5.45 am on Thursday and expect them back at 6pm on Sunday.  We will update you throughout the trip via the school Facebook page and will encourage students to contact you if our return time looks likely to change on the Sunday.  Please ensure we have your passports and EHIC (to reception or the main office) and we’re made aware of any changes to medical conditions.  Finally, keep an eye on the weather and keep your fingers crossed!

Mr Perry  Martin.Perry@ushschool.org

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Thank you to all the staff that supported the Macmillan Coffee morning!  We raised a total of £258.17!