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USH Newsletter 24th June 2016

Upper Shirley High EU Referendum

One of the most significant events in British political history took place this week, and we wanted our students to be able to experience voting in the EU Referendum for themselves. Therefore the year 11 common room was transformed into a Polling Station and all staff and students were given the opportunity to come and vote on whether to stay or remain in the European Union. The GCSE Citizenship students organised and ran campaigns to inform the students about the arguments around the EU. The results were conclusive: Upper Shirley High School voted to Remain in the EU with 69%.

"Newsround" visits USH

Chloe and Isaac, two of the Year 7 students who were interviewed as part of the Newsround piece on the EU Referendum on Tuesday 14th June, gave an insight on their involvement. 

What did you think when you heard that you had been chosen to talk about the EU Referendum on TV?

To start with, we thought it was just going to be USH TV and we were going to be interviewed by someone from School.  Then we found out that it was going to be on Newsround. 

Do you watch Newsround?

C: Not really!  But I do know what it is. 
I: I used to watch it when I was younger, but I watch the News now.  I recognised Ricky (the presenter).

What did other people in your year think when they found out?

Everyone was really positive, they were really nice.  Word spread really quickly!

Did you watch yourself?

I: We watched it in Tutor and I also recorded it.
C: I thought my voice sounded so weird!
I: My mum really liked it and she’s shared it with my family
C: I watched it later on the iPlayer

What did you think about the recording itself?

I: I thought it would be one period, but it took a lot longer than I thought it would.

What was the best thing about the experience?

C: Just the whole experience
I: Putting my opinion on TV was the best thing

If you missed it, you can watch the Newsround item by clicking on this link.


Well done to all the students who took part – you’re a credit to the School!

Forthcoming School Trips

Upper Shirley High has run several residential and overseas visits over the past few years and with some newly proposed visits, it has come to a point where we feel it is important for students and parents to be fully aware of what may be available over the next 2 years.  Some of these trips are new whilst some are more established and we endeavour as a school to offer as wider range of experiences as possible.

All visits are subject to minimum numbers and participation is based on a positive attitude to learning in school.  The prices indicated are a guide only.

The year group refers to where students will be during the academic year stated.

October 2016 – Paris trip open to Year 8 (£350).
February 2017 – Battlefields visit to Belgium run by Mr Farley for Year 10 History students (£180).
March 2017 – London visit open to all Year 7 students, run by Miss Simpson (£200).
Easter 2017 – New York City visit open to all Year 10 students, run by Miss Turner (£950).
June 2017– The Opal Coast, France for Year 9 and 10 students studying French (£250).

October 2017 – Paris trip for Year 8 (£350).
February 2018 – Battlefields visit to Belgium run by Mr Farley for Year 10 History students (£180).
March 2018 – London visit open to all Year 7 students, run by Miss Simpson (£200).
Easter 2018 – Barcelona visit for Years 9 and 10 students studying Spanish run by the Languages department (£500).
Easter Holidays 2018 – Years 7, 8 and 9 Ski trip, this is a new venture we are currently exploring (price to be confirmed).

Martin Perry


USH Chess Tournament

The Upper Shirley High Chess Tournament came to a nail biting conclusion last Friday 17th of June.

Twenty seven students from across the school had taken part in the tournament and the finalists were Will Reynolds (Y10) and Stefan Hristozov (Y8).

The final was an exciting game, thoughtfully played by both boys. Stefan’s trademark attacking style was kept at bay by Will’s defensive strategy. This made for a very enjoyable contest with several twists and turns. A ‘queen exchange’ late in the game turned the tide in Will’s direction and the boys shook hands with Will a worthy winner.  Well done to Stefan for all his efforts!

The school has presented Will with an Amazon voucher.

There is a lot of interest in the game of chess within the school and we look forward to a successful 2016/17 season.

Chess Club: Room 26, Thursdays 2.40.

Mr Harvey

Sports Days 2016

As we approach the end of a successful year of sport at USH we would like to inform you that our Sports Days will again be held at the Southampton Outdoor Sports Centre. The dates for this year are:

Tuesday 5th July 1pm-3pm: Year 10 only Sports Day

Monday 11th July 9.15am-2.40am: Year 7-9 Sports Day

More details are to follow via the school website and fingers crossed for some good weather!

The PE department

Art and Photography Visit to Solent University

On 15th June, fourteen Year 9 Art and Photography students visited Solent University to explore the courses on offer and get a taste of university life. Students were given a guided tour of the faculty, including Fine Art, Illustration, Interior Design, Fashion Photography, Photography and Product Design.

Students came away with a clearer understanding of how important the creative industry is to the UK economy and what a future career in the creative industry could look like.

We would like to thank Solent University for such an informative visit.

Ms De Ruiter

Invitation to the USH GCSE Photography Exhbition

Monday 4th July 2016


In the Dance Studio

Paris 2016

Thank you to everyone who has made the relevant payments up to this point.  Please consider the following points:

  • A gentle reminder that the remaining balance of £110 is due by Friday, 1st July.  
  • Students have been asked to let us know who they would like to be on a bus with and we will do all we can to ensure students get their preferences.  
  • If there are any outstanding medical forms, please send these into school as soon as possible. 
  • The collective passport application will be sent off this week. 
  • Our current information is that all students not on the collective passport either have their own passport or are applying for one.  Please keep us informed of the situation with new passports as we need to send information off to the travel company.

Thank you

Mr Perry 


Message for Year 7 Parents from the Languages Department

Year 7 students have been given the opportunity to state their preference for the additional language they will learn next year. In Year 8, students will continue with the language they studied in Year 7 and will also start an accelerated course in one of the following: Italian or French/Spanish.

All students in year 7 have been given a letter with a reply slip. This needs to be completed and handed in to their French/Spanish teacher by Friday, 1st July. Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you require further information about language choices here at Upper Shirley High. 

Mr Bhardwaj


A message from the Library

Thank you to those parents who have donated books to the Library over the past year. We really do appreciate these gifts.

We are always pleased to accept donations of children’s or young adult fiction books in good condition, so please think of us if you are clearing your shelves of books that your child no longer reads.

Ms Mount
Senior Librarian

Your child and Social Media

You may find it helpful to review the information provided on the e-Safety tab on our website that relates to Social Media and what you, as a parent, should know about.  The link below gives details of what age your child needs to be to use certain apps.