Congratulations Poppy: Message of the year

29 December 2020

What a treat to read news which fittingly uses the now overused word ‘unprecedented’. I was sitting down to add an overdue post today- a barnstorming opinionated analysis of 2020 (because we have a shortage of those!)- when a message landed in my phone which more simply and beautifully symbolises the truth that I was searching for. Thank goodness.

Poppy, who as an USH student, proudly led the cadets at the USH Remembrance Services every year since 2015 until she graduated, has just achieved "every conceivable" award as a sea cadet, being one of only six in the country to be made a first sea lord cadet at a ceremony on-board HMS Victory. She was given the accolade of securing 'unprecedented success' as a sea cadet. As a "voice for all sea cadets" she has represented at a range of conferences and events. Thanks to Southampton Echo for featuring this story.

She now attends Itchen College and is studying a BTEC in uniformed public services to follow a career in the police or nursing, and of this achievement she said “I have met so many new people, made many friends and done things I could not have dreamed of.”

Lt Lindsay Bassett RNR Commanding Officer at Southampton Sea Cadets added:

“We are very proud of Poppy and delighted that she is staying on and transferring to staff. We are also keen to recruit new staff and anyone wanting to help out directly with cadets or behind the scenes would be very welcome.”

Poppy, congratulations from all at USH on this stunning achievement.

With everything that's gone on this year, with the uncertainty and the loss, it's worth pausing to remember that there's young people everywhere still very much doing their thing, finding their way, making an inspirational difference and reminding us of the privilege it is to be educators.

And maybe that's one truth that even this 'unprecedented' year can't shake.

And on that, goodbye 2020. X

"Unprecedented success" unprecedented: adjective: never done or known before.